We never forget you have a choice, and our motivated service and support team is here to make that choice obvious. We provide a better, easier, stress-free way to do business with clear, professional communications that keep you informed with accurate real-time information on every project, at every stage.

No matter what the product, we can prevent production and obsolescence issues before they occur. But don’t take our word for it. Take a look at our customers’ testimonials below.

Satisfied Customer Quotes

"I wanted to take the time to extend our deepest appreciation to the team of patriots that accomplished this monumental task in support of our troops.

What had the markings of a potential product delivery problem for our company and our Customer instead became a remarkable example of what can be achieved by people with a 'Can Do' attitude.

I have worked in the aerospace business for over 26 years, bought thousands of parts, and dealt with hundreds of suppliers. This effort will stand out in my mind as to why 'Made in the USA' means as much to me as it obviously does to the people at PUI."

- John Archibald, Contracts Administrator

"I have been impressed with the dedication, professionalism and 'Can Do' attitude constantly displayed by your personnel. Everyone involved takes a personal commitment in taking responsibility for the product which creates a synergy of teamwork in meeting a common goal."

- Keith O. Wells, Systems Engineer — Sr. Staff

"During the out-briefing, the audit team stated that your IPM (Inspection Procedures Manual) was one of the best manuals they have reviewed in the country and held it up as an example of compliance with the current requirements for the rest of the office."

U.S. Department of Transportation, FAA, Cincinnati Flight Standards District Office

"No matter what the product, we can prevent production and obsolescence issues before they occur..."